Gameshow Death

The realms of dreams.

I just woke up and I’ll lie before you the remnants of my dream from last week, as they potter round my head. Like most dreams it was incoherent, so apologies if this post bows to the same higgildy piggildness…

I was in a gameshow. It resembled Love Island. Participating were people my age, and yet we were all separated into groups, like on Britain’s Got Talent. We were all in a big house, I had some new pet rats, and there were people from my childhood and my high school: A bitch from school who was a bitch in real life and a bitch in the dream, my twin, her friends etc etc etc. I got through the first round, as did Uni friends, my twin, the bitch etc and then it began. (Some of our old teachers were there too, as well as some made up ones who were super fit.)

The show was really inclusive, in that it was Shabbat whist we were all on the show and because quite a few of the contestants were Jewish we were all lighting the candles on the Friday night. The bitch from High School I mentioned came in big, saying she was going to lead the lighting of the candles. Is she Jewish IRL? no. I don’t think she was in the dream either.  I then hissed self-righteously to my twin, “X is trying to lead Friday night even though she’s not Jewish.”

What was amazing, was that in the dream I knew the public could hear me, as there were microphones everywhere. I knew that they’d agree with me and hopefully vote her out. It felt great. It was like Justice had been served without the need for a big confrontation. It’s like when people say ‘”God knows. Don’t worry, God will make sure them pay.” But for me it wasn’t God that knew, it was the audience.

Then we were deciding what our talents were going to be, as it was BGT meets Love Island, and my twin was saying she was going to do a snorkelling show where she was looking for drugs from a drugs raid at the bottom of Ocean. I don’t know how she was planning on doing that as Snorkelling isn’t even a talent of hers, but I remember being very impressed with the ambition and faith that BGT could provide that sort of set. May we see a rise in a new kind of television show?

As I woke up, I thought, ‘How great would it be if this was the way that entrance to Heaven or Hell was decided? You entered a house that was based on all the shitty reality shows and game shows we’re inundated with whilst we’re alive, so we all intrinsically know how to play, and then we let the public of Heaven and Hell decide who gets in. Obviously we would need to monitor those from hell voting, because they might vote great people into Hell just because they get an evil kick out of it. Conversely, people from Heaven might vote bad people into where they are because they think they deserve a better chance. In fact this idea would never work, because people would end up exactly where they didn’t belong. Then, both Heaven and Hell would become more and more diluted until both were pretty much the same. And then we’re back to how it was on Earth.

humph. and there’s the creation of the world kids.


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